Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Ryan

Look at my lil' man just growing up way too fast!!! :)

Ryan Jamal Spears

picture taken 7/16 1 day shy of 3 months!


  1. Oh Wow! He's getting so big! He's so cute!!!

  2. OMG Rochelle, I cannot believe it has already been 3 months, he is such a sweetie

  3. Your son is BEAUTIFUL!!! I stumbled here by way of your facebook account. I went to high school with your husband, but I graduated in '89.

    You have a lovely family!

    I even had the nerve to snicker to myself about having 5 kids (cuz I don't know how yall do it), but who am I to talk?? I'm pregnant with our 4th RIGHT NOW!