Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Vegas Trip

Ok... I finally got a chance to scrap my Vegas trip! I even forgot to blog about how much fun we had! Well lets see... I got to buy my first Coach bag! That was a big deal! LOL We went to see Zumanity, which I thought was just an OK show, but funny. We ate at the YUMMY Rio Seafood Buffet and most importantly I learned to play Craps! LOL We had a great time! Here are my layouts....

And this is the Roulette wheel close up so you can see the "Crackle" affect. Some of my Scrapbook Buddies know how hard it's been to get this effect to work for me! :)


  1. You've been tagged. Visit my page to find out more about me!

  2. My aunt swears by that buffet! LOL! Oooh a Coach! I really can't believe it is your first Coach! You look like a Diva that has a closet full! I love my Coach purses, but its time for a new one. =)