Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I got Tagged....

Shemaine tagged me...so here goes..... Instructions - just go to the place on your computer where you store your photos, then to the 6th folder, then the sixth photo. Take that photo, put it on you blog & tell it's story. So here is mine:

This is a picture of my daughter Victoria (with the peace sign), my nephew Mikey, my niece Laura and my daughter Taylor. This picture was taken on our family cruise in 2007. It had been a while since my family got together, so I coordinated this reunion and 50 family members went and we had a ball!! That's my story! Now, who will I tag? :)

1. Kristi Beisel

2. Genevieve Rodriguez

3. Robin Redd

4. Trisha Jones

5. Grace Tolman

You have been tagged! Let's see what you come up with! :)


  1. Hi! Came over from Trisha's blog. You have a beautiful family and I love your scrappin girl :) TFS

  2. Ok girl...well I am at work so let me see whats in store here! LOL!

  3. Okay...yes I will have to wait till I get home for that one...don't have that many folders of pics at work!

  4. I love this tag idea. I did it. thanks for sharing.