Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Storing Paper

So my friend Kristi (http://devosmommy.blogspot.com/) and I were talking today about how we store our paper and that we need a better way! (LOL) I decided to post some pictures of how I store my paper. It's not the best way, but it works for me!

I use Iris containers to store my paper kits, new(er) paper, themed papers, and my favorite papers. I have both of these shelves under my desk and table. Thank you Kristi for one of the shelves! :) *(I need to buy one more Iris container!)

And then I have a tall white cabinet that I originally stored my paper before I got out of control!!! LOL The top shelf is my cardstock (all sizes), the middle shelf is all kinds of different papers that are usually not my first choice to use, and old paper kits that I have used already and not really inspired to use right away. The last shelf is what I called my 'starter paper'! This is the shelf that my kids are able to play with! LOL

Like I said, not the best way to store my paper but it works! I love my paper!!!

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  1. Hey Rochelle! Love it! Okay, your last picture....that's so me. I don't have much room to work with and that's exactly how I store mine....and it totally works for me too. You can never get enough paper. One of our local scrapbook store closed and I went nuts. I went back so many times to buy paper, that the cashier said" Oh no! it's the Basic Grey lady". lol That's how much I love paper. Thank you for sharing.