Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Fun Day at the Zoo!

Today we had a really good family day! We took the babies to the Santa Ana Zoo. It's a really small-super small Zoo/Park. It doesn't have too many animals but it does have a variety of Monkeys, some Lamas, and my favorite..... An Elephant!! Yes! and we got to ride Betty! Woohoo!! Ok here are some pictures of our day!

This is Jaylah imitating the statue....
Here are the babies looking at Ducks in the water. Also, nice waterfall huh?
And my Favorite!!! Jaylah and I rode Betty!!

And Jaylah's favorite... Monkeys! Here she is looking at the Monkey swinging on the pole (see him?)

Thank goodness for Auto Timers on cameras! Here is a family shot (Ryan was sleep)...

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