Monday, September 7, 2009

Nice Long Weekend for Me!!

I had such a nice and relaxing long weekend that I hate for it to come to an end!! Let's see, Friday I spent the day with Jeannette, Gen, and Araseli, scrappin' away! I had the babies in the afternoon so I didn't get too many layouts done.
Saturday was a full day! In the morning I was able to get another layout done before playing in the backyard with the babies. Later that evening, we went to Pasadena to a party.
and here are the kids playing in the water outside....

and then later at the party, the kids were blowing bubbles!!Sunday I ran some errands, but still had a chance to one layout done...

and to cap the night off, drinks with hubby...

So today, Monday, I will relax... make Peach Cobbler for the first time (omg!) and maybe get in another layout! :)



  1. I'm tired just reading your blog! Girl, you are one non-stop wonder! Had a blast on Friday. Just polished off the red velvet cc this morning. Delish! Good luck with the peach cobbler. If it's a hit, you'd better have some ready for me the next time we crop! J/K. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

  2. Super cute layouts Rochelle! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. I got 1 layout done which puts a smile on my face too! :)