Thursday, January 15, 2015

Broken Thumb/CHA/Winners - All Here on this Post!

Hi there Crafters!

 I have some winners to announce but before I do let me tell you how my 2015 has started…..

Back in mid December,  I was volunteering at the school with one of my friends and as simple as me trying to sit on the ground my hand gave in and I broke my thumb. As I am always trying to self diagnosed myself I figured I had a sprain.   I walked around with a little splint that I purchased at Walgreens thinking it was going to get better. After about two weeks I realized my thumb is not getting any better. So I ended up going to the doctor and found that I had broke a piece of bone off and tore a ligament.  Next thing you know I'm having surgery.  I had a cast and my arm was wrapped with some special support  to keep my arm elevated.  But hey…. I'm a diehard crafter and nothing is gonna keep me down. Right? lol  :) 

Three days later…. I propped my arm up with some pillows in the car and drove to California to CHA! ~  Thank  God I'm left-handed!!
 I had a marvelous time there!! I saw lots of new great product. Foil is popular,  mixed media stuff is still very popular, I saw some new cool stamps, love the Chameleon pens, and of course nice yummy paper and embellishments!!.  I was able to see lot of my online friends and local friends that I haven't seen for a while.  I got to meet a lot of the famous talented designers and even with one hand I attended a couple of classes, and created some fun make & takes!  
 This was the first year that I actually worked a booth at CHA.   I worked the Linnie Blooms booth with the owner Linda Barutha.   She manufactures some awesome no sew canvas products.   I had a really great time working the booth!
However the highlight of my trip was getting my cast signed by the one and only Tim Holtz!!!!   Oh yeah!!! :)  After CHA was over  I went back to my doctor and he took the cast off. I was able to save Tim Holtz signature!!
 But then the bad news came... I have three pins in my thumb which I already knew but they still have to stay in three more weeks.  What this means is that I have a long arm cast past my elbow to keep my hand at full support.  Otherwise if the pins move I will have to go back into surgery.  This makes it very difficult for me to shower, wash and comb my hair, get dressed, amongst other things.  But most importantly my crafting!!!  Although I'm left-handed and I can still do some crafting…  it is very difficult and not the best quality work.  The hardest thing is using the computer.  Having to use the mouse with your left hand and type with the same hand makes a small task a very big task. Thank God for dictation on the Mac. However 50% of what it types is wrong. I guess it's my crazy accent, huh?  LOL  
So I will be in this lovely pink cast until February 4th.   Why pink?  Because I needed something to brighten up this situation. LOL  Anyway after February 4th I will find out if the pins come out of my thumb and if I need to go into another cast.   With that said please excuse me if I'm a little slow getting back to you with messages, prizes, and challenges.  :)

Moving on.
 I am late announcing a couple winners for Sketches4All.   So here I go:


Congratulations to Jennifer Earley
You are my blog winner for the Sketches4All blog hop for December 2014. 

 Congratulations to JanetG
 You are the winner for the Sketches4All December color challenge.

 Ladies please email me your address ( and I will send you out your prizes as soon as possible. 

 Thank you for reading through this long post!  lol Even with dictation function on my MacBook it sill took me almost all day to complete this post!!! Whew!!

~ Rochelle


  1. Wow! Must of been amazing at CHA!!! Next year I will try and go {even if it's a 5 hour plane ride ;) } Looks like so much fun!
    No so much fun with your thumb. Hope it heals up quick!!
    Thanks for sharing those awesome pics!!

  2. Teresa Collins, Becky Higgins, Heidi Swapp, and TIM HOLTZ!!!!! Oh my!!! So glad you were able to enjoy yourself and get a preview of all the new spring yumminess, despite your thumb. Prayers for healing!
    Kim xXX

  3. sorry to hear about your thumb!! Get better soon!! What a cool time at CHA!!! you got some great pics with some great people!!!

  4. Loved reading your post and seeing all of your pictures. So sorry to hear about your thumb my goodness!!!! I hope you heal quickly! I love your spirit and determination