Friday, October 8, 2010


I never post my frustrations, but I have had one of those days when every LO I have done, I messed up! I know there is "no" mistakes in scrapping... but when you spell the title wrong.. and outline it in pen... ummmm... It's kind of hard to fix it! Even when I did, it still was a sucky layout to me. Oh don't let me forget the original LO took me forever because my sewing machine was acting up and I decided to try to fix it myself! I ended up with three different stitches (one with no thread)! Anyway, The original was soo much better. (I will post a picture of it when the paint drys! LOL)

Or what about when you are almost down with a layout and realized that the main page is upside down, when you have already stamp on the layout? Yup, that was last night, after i broke my glass mat!

(exhaling.... )

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  1. Doncha hate one of those days where you're your own worst enemy? Look forwrd to seeing the photo.